Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What I'm Working On

I used to do works in progress Wednesdays, but really it's just so hard to keep track of Wednesdays, so this is just a happy coincidence.

I thankfully just finished this

See the wrinkles at the bottom, I walked over straightened them out, walked back to get another picture and this is what I saw

Our first photo bomb for next year, she loves to play tent.

This quilt was like playing in a crayon box to make, I pulled any bright funky fabric I had and went from there. There were 10 panels (why 10?) and instead of doing a bunch of 16 patches or whatever I appliqued a whole forest of Trufala trees, O.K. maybe just a grove. Each block was free motion in different styles because why would I make it easy on myself and do something allover? I was really not happy with myself about half way through. 
Please, please if you get the slightest inkling that I'm thinking about making another twin size quilt could we have an intervention please? They feel king sized when they are under my little machine and really heavy. I'm asking this because I bought two of those Lorax panels, what can I say, they were on sale and I adore The Lorax.

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  1. Try FMQ'ing a queen size one, then tackle the twin size - it'll seem like a piece o'cake! Love your colors! Working on an equally bright superhero quilt for 6-year-old grandson for Christmas. Nothing ready to post yet, but they sure are fun.

  2. Hi! What a great post! Your quilt is fantastic and so happy and I love the photos with your beautiful dog! x Teje

  3. I love the photo bomb. And the is so wonderfully bright!

  4. FANTASTIC! !! Its amazing Dana!!! And I love how your dog helps you!!!

  5. That is adorable! My dogs do the same thing! If I put anything quilt-like on their level, they lay on it or get under it! Thanks for commenting on my blog about Charlie. Please let me know if your pattern for a thunder shirt works! I've thought about making one too! Charlie was tied up and his puppy collar had grown into his neck and it had to be removed surgically. I'm a quilter so I've been making his collars ever since. If I can figure out a collar, surely I can figure out a "thunder shirt". Please let me know! Love your quilt! Cheery wave from Bev