Thursday, August 2, 2012

I Promise, I'm Not a Robot

Many of you know I had a problem with the word verification when they started with the black and white weirdness and I wasn't the only one. Sadly I just stopped leaving comments until one of my favorite bloggers hurt herself (Hi Debbie) and I really felt the need to let her know I was listening. She has since taken the horrible thing off of her blog, but I did realize that they had fixed it so it was actually readable. 

Hopping around reading Pets on Quilts, I've run across quite a few of these and now Blogger has started a new torture, numbers. Some are so blurry, I can't tell what they are. This morning I came across this one:

Really!!!???, can anyone tell me what that &*%* number is?

Edit: Well, Sharon from Vrooman's Quilts left a comment that said she doesn't do the numbers, so I tried it and it works, just ignore them, they're there just to make us crazy. Thanks so much for Sharon and her rebel ways :)

Thanks for stopping by and visiting a very frustrated,


  1. Actually I have not even bothered with the number (or what ever) and it still lets my comment go thru.

  2. Morning, Dana.....had no idea of your frustration, but sure do appreciate your blog love and support these last months. I hate those numbers but may try Sharon's trick and see if it works. Keep the protest going and maybe blogger will get rid of them.

  3. Morning Dana, I hear you loud and clear - these verifications are getting stranger and stranger and I suspect the only folks they're keeping away are the frustrated ones like us who would like to leave comments. I've just changed my settings back to no word verification, though I'd added it awhile back after a comment was left (perhaps from an infected computer) that destroyed my ability to access my own blog! Ended up having to rename it in order to get access to my posts from my computer.

  4. I'm with you! THEY'RE DREADFUL! I have been meaning to do a post about it, but sheesh!