Saturday, April 21, 2012

Foto Finish - Blooming Trees

The optional theme for Foto Finish at Cat Patches this week is Blooming Trees.  We have some gorgeous trees down here but, I don't have any pictures, T
that's what happens when you take things for granted. It's been thundering and pouring all morning which means I've literally had a 70 pound German Shepard in my lap, so no walk around the neighborhood looking for trees.

This looks like the tree is covered in flowers, but that's a coral vine which made itself at home up there.

Funny story about this vine, my next door neighbor didn't have a lot of success with plants and was always asking why mine did so well. She planted this vine right in the middle of her back fence hoping that it would cover her fence. That vine grew straight up to the top of her fence, traveled across the top till it hit my yard and back fence, then covered my fence beautifully. She said she was giving up since it was obvious that any plant that would actually grow for her would run away from home.

I'm off to check out what I expect will be some beautiful pictures this week.  Join me at Cat Patches.

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  1. That story did make me smile. =) Love the picture of beautiful flowers!

  2. Oh gorgeous! I thought they were bouganvilla when I first looked at it. I miss being able to grow those.

  3. wow, the tree pictures are beautiful. Right around april, may are the best times of the year to check out all of the blossoms..

  4. Gorgeous vine. My honeysuckle has grown over our fence and my neighbour get more flowers on their side than we do.

  5. Love the story! Very pretty pink blooms.