Sunday, January 22, 2012

Where I Live Foto Finish

It's been a while since I've been here, but taking part in Cat Patches Foto Finish feels like a good time to jump back in. I've been pretty busy and I'll show you soon what I've been doing. I missed the "no theme and back to a theme" that happened at Foto Finish, now you can decide, either use the theme or pick your own and tell the story.  

This week's theme is Where I Live, so welcome to Key Largo Florida. Right now our weather is about 78 degrees, so here's where you'll find me most days.

This is my backyard with our cute little shed in the corner. If I had known I was going to show this in a blog post, I would have cleaned up a little. It's peaceful if I can get out there without the dogs knowing.

When we moved in this log? root? was left from when they cleared the lot. I wouldn't let the Hubs get rid of it and just started to put air plants on it. Behind it is the beginning of a mural I painted on the back fence. Anytime I find an expanse of empty, I paint something on it. The only rule is that I don't paint the house. Maybe someday.

I hope you enjoyed your visit and go on over to Cat Patches to check out the other pictures, maybe even join in. 

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  1. Oh what a great spot for gardening! We visited Key Largo many years ago, and we loved it there. When we were both working and "felt" as if we were wealthy, we dreamed of having a winter home there, "dreamed" being the operative word. We still want to get back there one of these winters in our RV some day. Our RV is our winter home now.

  2. I love your garden area and the root is a super decrative touch. And lovely mural going on your fence!

  3. Great fence! Were you one of those mom's that painted beautiful murals on your DD's wall? I do not feel like I have that much talent, nor can I stand that long, but I adore yours. Your shed is adorable, and the root/log is very eclectic, now if only I could get things that my DH wont clear alway to have that much charm.