Thursday, January 26, 2012

Free Motion Quilt Challenge

One of my biggest goals in this quilting obsession I have, is to be able to do beautiful free motion quilting. My free motion is O.K., but, you know those quilts you see that make you gasp and stare at the stitching? That's what I aspire to. So when Sew Cal Gal  announced her Free Motion Quilting Challenge , I knew it was for me. My hope is that by actually signing up, I'll really do it (not that it's worked for the BOM I signed up for. Leslie, do you hear me?).

The first month is Frances Moore, who does some amazing FMQ. I watched the video and jumped in.

This is my trial piece. I really love the little heart shaped leaves, they have a whimsical appeal for me. I did find that I wanted to sew them in rows instead of an all over design and I think that is how I will use them. I see them wandering up sashing or borders. 

I had this little play piece (I'm working on applique also), so I used the leaves on this, they seemed right for a butterfly.

These came out a little deformed, because I found myself going too fast.

I know this is going to be a favorite for me, it's easy and fun, and if you mess up, well that's O.K. because leaves are all different. Practice, play, practice.



  1. Go, girl....your fmq looks wonderful. I like the way you did them on the butterfly wall hanging. Great job! I ended up spacing mine out a lot with meandering between to keep me from just doing rows.

  2. Nicely done - love the butterfly. I agree - a mix of leaves, meander and a few loops made it easier to keep a flow for me.