Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fun Stuff

Did everyone see this fun video by Missouri Quilt Co. ? I was about to start a new quilt when I saw it and had to try it. Here's the result

 Isn't that just so cute? and so easy.

So today, messing around, I made some 4 patches and some 9 patches and tried the method for the top quilt. They do have a video for the 4 patch, I found it later, here's what you get. Ignore the fabrics, I know they're ugly, that's why I'm playing with them.

Here's the 9 patch:

 then this:

I love the center, I've made that by cutting and sewing triangles.

Did everyone know about this? Now I just want to make squares and cut them up, although my thinking seems to running to extremes and at some point it's probably easier to make them the old fashioned way. 



  1. How great..love the quilt. I had not seen the video, so I have been watching a few. I had read about her pinwheels, but haven't tried them. I really like the scrappy 4 patch. Thanks for the link.

  2. I had seen the video, but if you enjoy this method of patchwork - I say ENJOY IT! They are all lovely and more importantly you are having fun with your quilting.

  3. How nice these turned out !!! I've tried the pinwheels , but these add way more interest !

  4. Thanks for sharing insight on the video. I had not seen this one. Love the quilt top you created with it, and your scrappy 4 patches are very cute too.


    PS - Nice changes on your blog layout.