Sunday, November 13, 2016

Scrap Quilt

Well, I've picked myself up, looked around and realized that there are still families out there that need help for their children especially with Christmas right around the corner and abused, neglected and homeless animals still needing homes, so this is not the time to let the fear, anger and frustration rocking our world influence how I live my life. I don't care which side you were on, we're all in this together. 

That said, let's talk quilts :). "Let's Book It" is coming to an end with the last link up at the end of this month, if you've been meaning to join in now's the time and all you need to do is grab a magazine, book or pattern and start it, you don't need to have a finish to join in. Wouldn't it be nice if this wonderful link up ended with a bang?

This is one of my favorite quilts, of course any quilt with stars, secondary patterns and lots of color lands on my favorite quilts list. Plus all of the colors were scraps, bonus!

Right after I made this one I was asked if I would make it again larger for a throw with black instead of white. Funny, I buy white by the bolt but I didn't even have any black fabric, but when I changed the colors in my EQ I was stunned at how pretty it looked.

I love white because of how the colors pop, but I think the black still did the trick :)

The original quilt was 45 inches square, the black one is 61" X 63", I'm not sure why there's a 2 inch difference but I suspect it's in the quilting.

To increase the size I played with extra rows, but I ended up just making the blocks larger (15") which kept the look really bold and of course with big blocks, it came together really fast.

Working with black was a learning experience, I really liked the depth it added, but it was harder to work with, I had trouble seeing the edges when sewing two blacks together (could be my aging eyes). I think you'll be seeing black pop up in more of my quilts. 

I recently read "when one door closes, just turn the handle and open the door, that's how doors work", LOL. With Let's Book It ending I'm hoping to find the time to open the door on my blog and show you more of my quilts. 

Later Gators,


  1. Oh, I love both of them. I buy white, off white, and black (and now lite gray) by the bolt for backgrounds. I love two blocks that make secondary patterns - this is stunning in the black.

  2. Absolutely stunning in white and black. The white is so cheerful, just like you.

    Great post. I have loved this quote, since I was a pre-teen. “When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”....Helen Keller


  3. Superb!!! I agree with Darlene, the white is cheerful and the black is dramatic. And I need to horde some black and gray I think. Don't let the world gone mad get to you.....after all I have been thru, I can safely say we will all be fine if we try hard, and stay positive. I refuse to be pulled into a reaction. It is done. And yes, show us more of what you do.

  4. Black is harder to see, when you are sewing.

  5. Yes, please show us more of your quilts! I always look forward to your posts, your quilts are always bright and cheerful and you make it look so easy the way you manage to finish one or two each month! I love black in a quilt, pet hair notwithstanding, but it certainly can be hard on the eyes to quilt, either by machine or by hand. Quilt on my friend!!

  6. The black really pops but I like the white a lot! Both very nice.

  7. Both quilts are lovely. I like black because it reminds me of the Amish quilts that I love. But let's face it, I love quilts no matter the color. That's a good attitude about us all being in this together.

  8. I love these two blocks, and the finished quilts are stunning. I have only been quilting a few years and I don't recognize these blocks, can you tell me what they are called, and if this is a published pattern? Thanks!

  9. It's a beautiful pattern in both colors and I love the secondary design Dana!
    We were all in shock after November 11th. You've got the right idea - we should all pour our efforts into making the world better despite all the politics.
    That being said - Jim just bought toilet paper with an image of Trump making a kissy face. He's going to put it in the powder room on Thanksgiving.