Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Let's Book It Nov. 2016 The Final Episode

This morning Barbara called Sharon her Quilting Godmother which made me think of Sharon as one of the cute fairy Godmothers from Sleeping Beauty :)

Works for me since her idea of Let's Book It has led me to cleaning out a lot of magazines, a few books and some bookmarks, her magic wand helped me make all of these and a few others

So much fabulous color and ideas that would still be gathering dust and taking up space.

For my last "Let's Book It" project I picked a beautiful classic looking quilt from McCall's Quilting May/June 2012, it's the second quilt I've made from this issue, the scattered triangles in the bottom row was the first. 

This one is called Aunt Millie's Legacy by Gerri Robinson, this comes full circle for me since the first quilt I made for Let's Book It was by Gerri Robinson and along the way I discovered that I love her quilts and can even understand her directions. 

I left off the borders since I didn't have any fabric that would match and it seemed fitting for the final show and our fearless leader who "loves" borders so much, LOL.

Looking at the pictures I found a mistake or as I like to put it, I made it my own.

Weirdly, I had the tan fabric which I usually don't work with, but it's dog colored so that explains it, but no blue. I dyed the blue to get a nice baby blue. 

I'm a little sad to see this all end, but it's time. I'd like to think I'll continue to use up what I have, at the very least I'll grab a magazine or book for the inspiration. 

Thank you Sharon, (cue the applause) your genius idea has led me to so many happy quilts and I've enjoyed watching everyone else discover what's on their shelves. 

Later Gators,


  1. I absolutely am thrilled with your collage!! Yes, you ARE color!! Thank you for being an avid participant and one who has inspired as well. ps - we all spin in our own directions

  2. I would have never noticed the odd-square-out if you hadn't posted the close up photo. Nothing anyone could see from the back of a galloping steed at 20 paces, and that's my criteria for success! It's lovely, and you achieved a wonderful shade of blue with your dye.

  3. I'm impressed with all the spectacular quilts that you have completed by way of these fun challenges. Great job to all. And, your final project for this challenge is equally gorgeous. While I tend to prefer borders it is a design that looks fine without them. And, your twisted four patch just gives this quilt your own unique spin. Funny, as I did such with a very simple nine patch years ago, but I soon came to acceptance and really liked it. I hope you fall in love with the "runaway four patch", or maybe consider the pinwheels were caught up in the wind and blue the four patch around. Either way, it is a lovable huggable quilt to be enjoyed.


  4. Beautiful. I so love reviewing all these great projects. Can't pick a favorite but I do love the current one. I have a quilt with a few twists in it too.

  5. It's a beautiful quilt. I love those pretty pastels. I'm going to miss Let's Book It too, but i want to keep going...maybe not monthly, but occasionally pull a book off the shelf and make something from it.

  6. You really used the Let's Book It as a motivator. Gorgeous projects. Congrats on finishing the last, it's beautiful too and very nice tribute to the challenge.

  7. I like that quilt pattern. HST's are the way to make stuff easier.

  8. That baby blue is a beautiful color Dana. The whole quilt has such a soft and calming effect. Simply wonderful! Wow seeing the photo montage of your "Let's Book It" quilts is so cool! You've made so many beauties! There are not many of us who follow through on the quilts we see and want to make and it's wonderful how Sharon's linky inspired you.