Thursday, June 2, 2016

Advice Please

I messed up and you guys always have good ideas when I do that, so here goes. 

I had finished the last of the sewing for other peoples quilts, threw it in the washer and caught it before the dryer, here's what I saw

The binding I used bled all over the back of the quilt, you can see how bad it bled along the edge. I immediately rewashed with a color catcher, but no help at all, maybe worse.

This is the front, which has very little of the bleed and what it did get just blends in. 

Here's what I hope will work, I took the binding off and pressed the quilt flat again. I'm thinking of just putting a new back over the old and doing stitch in the ditch around the basic blocks. The original quilting did stitch in the ditch around both frames and outline stitching around the animals. I figure the old back still being there will hold the original quilting in place. 

What do you think? will this work? I really don't want to try to requilt all of it and I really really don't want to try to rip out all of the quilting. 

When I saw what had happened I grabbed the offending red, a pink that I knew would bleed and another red that I just didn't trust and threw them all away. Once I calmed down I remembered that I had this

I've used it the way they say to and it's never worked, but this time I poured it right into my washer and threw the red in with it. Then I rewashed the red with a color catcher.

It worked so well and I pulled the other two fabrics out of the trash and repeated pouring it into the washer. Worked like a charm, but of course too late for my quilt. 

So what do you think? Will just putting a new back over the old one work? Can I get away with just stitch in the ditch to hold the new one in place? Advice? Sympathy, I'll take anything at this point. 

Thanks for being out there you guys :)

Later Gators,


  1. Synthrapol might take the excess dye out. I'd try that before I put a new back on. Might do a web search for tips on using the Synthrapol.

  2. I was going to suggest the same thing - good luck.

  3. I have used Synthrapol for years, every time I prewash any fabrics except for the light neutrals. Seems to always work like a charm. You might try washing that quilt one more time with both Synthrapol and several color catchers and see if the bleed streaks will come out. If not, I don't see why your idea of adding another backing wouldn't work. Good luck!

  4. Dana oh dear! You might not have to put a new back on, but if you do, SID would be a good way to handle it.
    The best article I've ever read on this is "Save My Bleeding Quilt"
    But I've never actually tried what she recommends.
    That's a really fun looking quilt BTW. I like how you set the pictures.

  5. So sorry. Like Color Catches, I've previously used Synthrapol to remove excess dye on fabrics, but I've never used it on a completed quilt. Have heard a few scenarios where it has helped. Sadly, I also have a quilt completed from a kit that the redish fabric has bled on the front. I plan to try Synthrapol, but haven't yet given it a try. Definitely another example of the benefits of pre-washing fabrics, which is just about impossible to do when working with pre-cuts and some kits. Keep us posted on what you find out.


  6. Looks like you're getting plenty of good advice. I can't see any reason why your idea with the new back won't work, and so I'd go with what the others recommended first, and then take it from there. Good luck. Pretty quilt, BTW!

  7. So sorry!!!! Lots of suggestions on fixing this on the web. I prewash my fabrics, since, I've noticed so many quilt store fabrics are bleeding in the past few years. I now have several bottles of Retayne, along with several boxes of color catchers. Hope it comes out.

  8. Wash it and use what is suggested. I wash fabric and quilts in blue Dawn dish detergent. Not just for stains but has same effect as using was advice from a dry cleaner owner!
    I am sure your final option of extra backing will also work.

  9. Ooh! soon sorry this happened- but I think it has happened to just about all of us at one time or another if your not a big pre-washer....and even then sometimes :(. I agree that Vicki Welsh has one of the best blog post on bleeding. I think the big thing is REALLY hot water and the pure original Dawn or Synthrapol and let it soak for a long time in the tub. Her tests make me feel that I will just go with Dawn in the future. She feels the color catchers don't do a whole lot, but they always make me feel better that somethings soaking up that nasty dye! Good Luck!!

  10. Oh, no! I really hate it when something like this happens. :( Have you tried any of the suggestions yet? How did it go? This is a really great quilt.

  11. Oh no! Sounds like there are a lot of options to try from the comments above. If all else fails I think that you idea of adding a new backing over the existing one will work.