Sunday, March 13, 2016

Problem with Scraps? Maybe

Confessions Of A Fabric Addict

First Sarah started talking about her scrap problem and she shared pictures of her scraps in tubs. O.K. maybe I need tubs to hide them. I don't, I have an old zippered bag that a store bought quilt comes in that I haven't been able to zipper in years and the overflow goes into reusable store bags.

Then I found some of my scraps in the yard which means they're falling on the floor and getting mixed with dog toys.

Thanks Mom, we love new toys! Am I in trouble? 

Time to start using up some of those scraps, before I could even get started Debbie posted her wonky star and a link to the tutorial from Missouri Quilt Co., perfect timing and I was off.

First I planned on using the plain white blocks like the tutorial, but adding color is always my way, plus use more scraps, so I framed all of the white squares.

When I laid it out for sandwiching I decided maybe just a touch more color was needed, so I added the border, more color and more scraps used. :)

Quilting was just outlining the stars and these swirly thingys (that's the official name, I swear) in each of the white spaces, they were fun to make

I feel like it was a group effort, Sarah made me aware and Debbie sent me in the right direction, so thanks you two, I wouldn't have done it without you.  
This quilt didn't even make a dent in the scrap piles so I'll be searching for more fun and interesting ideas. I know there's always log cabins and strings. Oddly, the two books I have for scrap quilts have quilts made from an entire line of fabrics, huh, I wish I had scraps like that :)

Later Gators,


  1. Oh, I LOVE this!! I like how you added all the bits of color to make it your own. And eating up more of those scraps. I have a couple of 'scrap' books, too, that are actually made from lines/FQ bundles. BUT I quess when a fabric company supplies you with fabric, you use it to promote.

  2. LOL.....You got it!!!! I ditto Sharon's comment about the extra color, it is just perfect to frame those white blocks. It really makes this one sing loudly. Thanks for the blame/credit but I think it was just the bit of inspiration that you needed.
    As for the books.....ignore their choices and just take the inspiration of pattern. Your color sense is probably better anyway! Now I need to sit and make a few more of those wonky things I think :)

  3. Oh this quilt is gorgeous!! You pooch looks a lot like one of mine. He is a shepherd/rotweiller mix.

  4. Wow! I love it! So pretty. Isn't that the truth that a scrap quilt barely makes a dent? I'm working on that Debbie Mumm quilt, which is made entirely from scraps, and I never notice any difference in the pile. I'm going through mine now and sorting some out to send to a friend who'll put them to good use.

  5. What a great quilt!!!! Be glad I'm not closer, or, it might 'disappear';)

  6. Wonky Stars in rainbow colors and paired with framed white squares... you are a genius Dana! This looks so gorgeous! All that and you didn't make a dent in your scrap bag? Well you know what that means, right? More scrappy quilts! Less doggy toys. :(

  7. Really like the extra border too - looks such a happy and cuddly quilt!