Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Let's Book It March 2016

I had to think before I typed in March since that doesn't seem possible, but yep, it's true we are at the end of March and it's time for the end of the month Let's Book It link up. 

I feel like I may have cheated this month, but really this link up doesn't have any rules, if it's on your bucket list than you're good to go. I've been getting rid of tons of magazines, but this month I wandered off and did a tutorial from Happy Quilting blog, it's also a free pattern on Craftsy. 

This is Melissa Corry's Double Dredsen. If you're on pinterest I'm sure you've seen it tons of times, it's one of those pins that resurfaces and makes the rounds over and over. 

I love Dresden's, but I'm not crazy about the big centers that happen if you use shorter blades, that giant circle in the center leaves me cold, so when I saw what Melissa did with these centers I had to make them. 

I used a fat quarter pack of candy colored fabrics and floated the Dresdens. 

The center was so easy to do and really changed the look without the big glob of color you usually see in Dresdens, even using a white center wouldn't have made them as pretty as these turned out. I'm thinking now that putting a color under the Dresden and finishing it this way could be pretty too and I may try that in the future. 

Please visit the other people joining Let's Book It and think about joining in yourself, it's your bucket list, as easy as that. 

Later Gators,


  1. It looks like cotton candy in those luscious colors.....good enough to eat :) It could be interesting with colored centers too.....another time maybe? Good job and great finish.

  2. Candy colored dahlias! Love this one! My 'someday' list keeps getting longer ...

  3. I hadn't seen her quilt. Both hers and yours are nice. I love Dresdens, but, I've only made one block, so far.

  4. Very cheerful quilt in what I'm thinking are your signature colors (cheerful). Really looks like a fun design to make to keep, or for a gift. I too have seen this design a few times, and really need to make it a priority to make. Love yours.


  5. Beautiful quilt! What a great idea for finishing off the Dresden Plates without adding the center circle.

  6. Dana, this quilt is so pretty! I see what you mean about the quilting in the centers; it's wonderful! Your sweet Dresdens remind me of those candy bracelets the kids used to love.

  7. Oh, wonderful colors as usual. I call those tutti fruity colors. As usual, the color in your quilts just blows me away. Simple and so appealing. I don't stick exclusively to books for Let's Book It either. I don't think Sharon really cares.

  8. I love the Dresden too... and I haven't seen it finished this way before. I really LiKe it.
    Well done...xox

  9. I haven't stopped by in way too long....love your take on the Dresdens...gorgeous!