Friday, October 31, 2014

Let's Book It for October

Wow, I think I forgot how to blog it's been so long. I've seen the Let's Book It come and go, but some ugly life things have kept me on the road and away from my machine. I've really missed it. 
Anyway I'm back for one of my favorite link ups, Let's Book It over at Vroomans Quilts. 

I call it "Lightening Strikes while Stars Fall" yes, I know, but that's the frame of mine I've been in for these past months, LOL. At least I used my beautiful blues that are so soothing.

Oh, they called it Blue Streak, but I like Lightening Strikes while Stars fall so much better, much more drama. 

I found it here, Love of Quilting from Nov/Dec 2006.

I have to tell you, I sat on the floor with a huge stack of magazines and couldn't find anything I wanted to make. The whole stack was by the front door to be donated when David came home. He asked what's up with them and I told him they didn't have anything worth making.

David: But you want to make everything you see.
Me: I know it's weird, right? A whole stack with nothing.

He picked them up and took them back to my sewing table, saying "you're going to want these, don't make decisions when you're crazy". He was right, this magazine was in the great purge.

If you're not familiar with Let's Book It, it's the wonderful idea of Sharon over at Vroomans Quilts, pretty much anything goes from magazines, books, patterns whatever you have that you've been planning on making. You know you have them, it's a great way to actually get them done. 

Later Gators,


  1. What a great save which created a wonderful quilt - I like your version better - must be the colors as find it very soul southing myself. Thank you for the shout out and for participating.

  2. First, say thanks to Dave again....he knows you well. This crazy stage must be very bad? I bet you will find more things in that stack when you look again :)
    Second....lightening strikes is just beautiful! Yes, the blues are soothing and calm, and probably just what you need. Fix a cup of hot chocolate and snuggle down.

  3. Sorry things haven't been going well, but I'm glad you got some sewing done. It's a beautiful quilt, and I like the name you gave it.

  4. I am grateful you have a great hubby that knows what you need! :)
    I also like the name of your quilt better than the original, sometimes we can make things we relate to our lives and what we are going thru. Its a beautiful quilt! Sorry things have been crazy, my friend. hugs on you!

  5. I love the colors. Hope things are better soon.