Sunday, August 3, 2014

New FO July 2014

2014 NewFO Challenge

August already? Yikes! Sometimes I think if Barbara wasn't reminding me of the end of another month I'd still be living in May, darn it Barbara! LOL. 

It's time to show off what we started in July for the linky party over at Cat Patches, remember just start something, no finishes required. I appreciate that this month since a family emergency has kept me away from my machine for far too long. 
I had actually forgotten this quilt from the beginning of the month, until I pulled it out for the Pet's on Quilt show. 

I've been working on sewing curves, so this quilt was perfect, each block has 8 curved blocks and by the end they were easy. 

I played with my dyes to make the back, something I love to do. Anything that makes me feel like I belong in the kitchen is good, not like cooking, but I can whip up some mean play doh when needed.

I started this quilt, using up a bunch of charm squares that have been hanging around way too long, it was going to be bear paws but I really liked the look of the stem for the maple leaf.

Hopefully I'll find time to sandwich and get the quilting started soon.

That's it for me this month, please think about joining us for the linky party at Cat Patches, it's really a great way to keep track of the months. :)

Later Gators,


  1. Dana, I love the finished quilt, with all the curves. That's something I need to try! I'm off to the LA Quilt show with my daughter, today.

  2. Actually think the backing one should be called "kool ade"! It is great. Dye me some fabric please! Your bear paw/leaves is very cool....great pastels!

  3. The finish is just a delight! Oh, love the pastel leaves - stunning.

  4. I love how you quilted the first quilt! It is a gorgeous quilt!

  5. Cute kwits and I love the xurved kwilting! Way to go!

  6. Both quilts are beautiful, Dana. I like your stems too.

  7. Great quilting on the top one. Congrats on both.