Saturday, May 31, 2014

New FO for May

Time for the New FO Party over at Cat Patches better known as the "just start something" party led by the great enabler Barbara.

It's always nice to look back at the month and realize, yes I did get something done, crazy busy but still finding time for sewing.

First up, a string quilt, it would have been easier to make it with just white blocks, but I love the feel and weight of string quilts plus I had a ton of white strings.
It may look familiar, I made one just a few months ago, a woman fell in love with it and had to have it for her future great grand-baby. The other one had pinks and lighter colors and we don't know if it's a boy or girl, so I promised I'd make another in more primary colors and we can switch them out if the baby is a boy :)

I call this a fake barn raising, it's not log cabin blocks. I made it just so I could quilt feathers on it! I decided I needed to stop practicing and just do it, they aren't perfect, but they're pretty and I'm happy to have finally made the leap.

This is my "Let's Book It" quilt, if you're not familiar with that wonderful idea, click the link and check it out.

And this mess is what I'm working on now, the T-shirt quilt that I had asked for tips on. I learned a lot, Thank You!
This is the pile of shirts

This is the pile after cutting, I left them big so after stabilizing I can cut them down to size without worrying about stretching. The hard part for me was cutting into someone's memories, I think the quilt will go together fairly easy. 

She gave me a bunch of polyester athletic shirts that I haven't cut, I'm not sure about ironing them to the stabilizer, I'll test before I cut, but if you have any ideas I'd love to hear them.

That's it, not bad for a crazy month that had me out of the house a lot. Please jump over to Cat Patches and join in or just check out what everyone has started.

Later Gators,


  1. Wonderful projects - I do like the fake barnraising pattern and good for you for 'gong for it' with the quilting.

  2. Dana, you never cease to wow me with your colors. You really have an eye for it, and your quilts are stunning every time.

  3. Of course I love the string quilt....but the faux barn raising is wonderful! You will have to share how and what block pattern you used. I am at a lost on it. Yay!! for the feathers....doing is the only way to get it down. So proud of you for jumping on it again.

  4. Love the top two quilts Dana. So cheerful and pretty. Your feathers look great from Australia LOL

  5. Love your quilts, especially the string pretty!

  6. Feathers are such fun to quilt, don't you think? Love your "fake" barnraising quilt and all your rainbow hues on the others. You always get so much accomplished in a month!

  7. What a beautiful group of quilts! I love the color combos in fake barn raising and "Let's Book It" quilts. The T-shirt quilt will be a very special quilt for someone. I know what you mean about cutting into fabric for a memory quilt. The first cut is the hardest.

  8. Hi, your feathers are coming right along-they look super to me. I love the white strings with the splashes of color--inspiration is knocking on my creative door with the sight of your neat quilt. Love the colors in the fake barn raising too. Aquas are appreciated from way back in my Tropical living days.

  9. You always make such lovely things!! I don't know what a "string" quilt is, but now I will be looking it up. I just know that yours is beautiful. And the fake barn raising is fantastic! I haven't attempted a T-shirt quilt yet, but I have a bunch of shirts for several.

  10. Hey, Dana! Sure do love the white strings - it's a neat effect. And the feathers look terrific. :D That quilt is the perfect colors, too!