Friday, May 30, 2014

Let's Book It for May

The wonderful "Let's Book It" link up over at Vroomans Quilts is up and I was hurrying to get my quilt finished. Not only am I cleaning out old magazines, but this month it got me sewing when I needed to, there's something so peaceful about sitting down at the machine, but sometimes it's hard to get there. 

This month I made this:

It's called Star Burst by Sharla Mansius
If you look at the top corners of the quilt in the magazine you'll see that even the published people make mistakes, I love that the blocks are turned wrong, I tipped my hat to her by turning one of mine the wrong way :) 
Her's is a wall hanging, but I made my blocks bigger so it would be baby sized and I dropped some of the HST's she had so the blue stars would really pop. 

I found it here:
Quilt Dec/Jan 2011
Brady Bug wouldn't stop walking on the magazine and sniffing it, so I told him if he would lay down he could be my super model, thank goodness Maya was off chasing lizards or you wouldn't have been able to see the magazine. 

I'm still enjoying "Let's Book It" so much, instead of collecting quilt patterns I want to make someday, I'm making them. I've also enjoyed reading what the other quilters have made, lots of discoveries and challenges. Why not click the link and join in?

Later gators,


  1. This is really striking!! Love how you quilted it too. You know, I didn't catch the oops until you mentioned it - maybe I was crushin' on yours over theirs. Thank you for linking up.

  2. Oh don't you know they hated seeing those mistakes. LOL I love the color choices in yours. Very pretty!

  3. Another great the tip of the hat. Mistakes are design opportunities....and I have had a few myself. They give the quilt a little personality.

  4. Nicely done. I love how those blue stars pop in yours.

  5. I agree that Sharon's link up is a wonderful idea. That quilt is super. Looks great.

  6. Nice quilt. The mistakes on my quilts are sometimes my favorite parts of my quilts.