Saturday, July 28, 2012

Words of Warning

I learned something last night which I wanted to make you aware of, sorry if you already know this. Ever since blogger started with those darn (insert stronger words here) word verification, I've been getting spam. Not a huge deal, just annoying, blogger catches them and I just go in every once in a while and clean them out of my spam folder. Last night I jumped over to stats and saw a few visits from somewhere strange. I'm not typing the address, it was numbers and letters then ultrafiles dot net. I clicked on it and went to a page that wanted to download something. I immediately hit my panic buttons, shut everything down and from another computer I goggled that address, it's malware. I ran a deep scan (3 hours, no pinterest for me last night) and luckily nothing got through.

But, I found out there are tons of these places and they do just that, scan blogs hoping people will do just what I did. Some of you know I'm a bit of a techie, I got a job once because they needed someone to break into a computer that a disgruntled employee had password protected before they left, (how's that for references) so I know better and I still did it. We all know not to click on links we don't know but, sometimes curiosity wins.

Little side note, Mister "I can barely send email" laughed his butt off (wouldn't it be nice if you could actually do that? My butt would be perfect). 

I need pictures when I read blogs so here's one that has nothing to do with any of this.

Let's be careful out there,


  1. I'm glad your 'puter is okay but how scary is that! Thanks for the warning... we all need the reminder!

  2. Oh, know what you are saying - I noticed 3 of them - all foreign countries - I don't click, just report them. AND I love the quilt - love the quilted texture!

  3. I don't know how to report them? Help me there.
    I took off the word verification and got so much spam that I then went and blocked all anonymous comments on my blog. Since I did that I haven't had any of that junk come thru.
    I do check stat links, but carefully....thanks for letting us know. And yes, I did laugh my butt off at your joke. How much I wish that too.

  4. Hm. I saw something like that on my stats. I clicked on it, but I don't think anything bad happened. Thanks for the warning. I swear I won't do it again! Maybe better run my anti-virus software just to be sure.

  5. Yikes Dana! you do have a good reference, at least I know who to ask if I have a question! ;)

    LOVELY quilt, love your colors!!!

  6. Ohh, how do I get that quilt pattern?!