Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fingers Crossed

I spoke to the repair man yesterday and the parts (fuses) are in!!! and as long as that's what's wrong, I'll have it fixed today.
I would have left first thing this morning and been waiting in the parking lot for them but David wants to go with me, what?! He lets me go to the creepy place alone, but now he doesn't want me driving all that way without him? I think it's because he thinks I'll show some restraint at the quilt store if he's there, HA! I don't think we'll be eating next week ;).

I finally decided to do something that took time for the piecing, since the quicky quilt tops are piling up. 

I've been making little tiny HST's, they are less than 2 inches and you can't tell by the picture, but there are hundreds of them. So of course my quilting machine will be fixed (I hope), isn't that how it works? 

This was what I saw out my front window this morning, so I ran out into the rain and was immediately covered in mosquitoes to take this picture.

That's a cactus growing up the tree, the flowers start well above my head and go to the top of the tree and they're as big as my hand. They only bloom at night, as the sun comes up they'll close and drop off, but I see a lot of buds, so the show will continue for a few more night.

Wish me luck,


  1. Less than 2"? Girl, you are in serious need of your machine! Love the cactus blooms....fight those mosquitoes.

  2. Here's hoping your machine comes home today! Know how that feels, to have your favorite quilting machine out of commission. That cactus flower is gorgeous - thanks for braving the mosquitoes to capture that lovely image!

  3. Your fabric selections for those tops are top notch just wonderful, I'd have trouble picking a favorite so all that much better for putting together.

    The blooms are amazing. Isn't it interesting how that show is only at night? Hopefully the bites are less now so you can just enjoy the picture. :-)