Friday, June 1, 2012

May NewFo

It's the end of the month (really?!) so it's time to show off what you started in May, no finishes required. I'm linking up to the NewFO party at Cat Patches. Yes, I'm a day late, but Hurricane season starts today and it's announcing itself with rain and boomers, so taking pictures and doing a blog post is better than the grocery run I'm supposed to be doing. ;)

First I started and finished this baby quilt:

During the Bloggers Quilt Festival, I saw a quilt made by Teje over at Nero's Post and Patch, which I couldn't stop thinking about, the colors and fish were so cute, I had to make it. Does that happen to you? I hate to copy, but this quilt wouldn't go away. Teje's is much prettier and has more color, but this laid that quilt to rest.

Then I made this:

That's a cage cover for our cockatoo Gus, he has a huge corner cage which needs a custom cover. Gus wants the sun gone at 5:30 every night, no light, no noise or he will tell you about it. If you've ever heard an angry cockatoo, you know why I took the time. Little side story: I bought the fabric at WalMart, 8 yards of duck. After the woman had measured and cut, she just picked up this huge wad of fabric, stuck a price on it and put a rubber band around the whole thing, no folding, just a pile of fabric with a rubber band. I'm glad I see humor in most things. 

Then I made this:

Quick and easy, just trying to use those daisies and lady bugs.

Now I'm working on this:

That's half of a string quilt I'm making, I love string quilts when I start, but about now, I'm over it. 

 Thanks to Barbara for hosting this party, I do like seeing what I've done for a month, although I always feel like I've forgotten something. 

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  1. Wow! You've been busy. I love everything you've done. Especially like the top quilt. Very nice colors. Be careful of hurricanes and watch for flying limes.

  2. Nicely done - love the pastel strings.

  3. You've been busy! Great quilts - love the pastel srings. A string quilt is on my agenda for next year - this year all the grandkids get a quilt for Christmas - I hope! Hope the hurricane season passes you by.

  4. They're all beautiful but the fish are absolutely perfect!!! Glad this hurricane fizzled, hoping it's a quiet season despite it's early start!

  5. Gorgeous creations! I especially like your baby quilt.

  6. Hi Dana! Sorry I haven't visited you for a while. You make so beautiful quilts and I love your fish quilt!!! I saw that fish block at and then made the quilt on my own way - as you did, too. That's the great thing - we see so many things and most of the blocks are already made by someone, but everyone of us makes them differently!
    I think your design is really good and your colours are so beautiful! Because I have lots of blocks (also white fishes) left, I shall make a baby quilt with them!
    Thank you for your idea and have a great weekend! x Teje