Monday, May 28, 2012

FMQ Challenge for May

The May challenge was from Leah Day who I've been fascinated with for a long time. Her Free Motion Quilting Project is a wonderful source of inspiration and better yet, ideas if you're not sure what pattern you want to master next. I've watched a ton of her videos so this month felt like I was visiting with an old friend.
Her design for this month was easy and well explained

The only problem I had was when I started and forgot that I was supposed to be filling all of the space. You can see that in the top corner, I was concentrating on the stitching and not thinking about the space.

The second half was the train track which I think I will actually use for a little boy's quilt as a train track, I'll add a second rail, I think it will be darling. 

I've listened and read a lot of Leah's tips which are included in the first video, but one idea I loved was to have a stack of small quilt sandwiches ready to go so you can practice everyday. Genius! With the Free Motion Project you'll never run out of practice ideas. 

I really want to thank Leah for taking the time to make the videos and to help us all out and as usual Thank You to SewCalGal for this wonderful idea and putting the work into so we can all learn.

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  1. Great job Dana. Glad to see you are having fun in the FMQ Challenge.

    Even the FMQ Experts keep stacks of practice sandwiches handy and will start out on a practice sandwich before they work on any quilt project (every day that they work on such a project).


  2. Great job on this. I did exactly the same thing on my practice piece...didn't fill in the whole thing. On a real quilt it would be easy enough to fix it.

  3. Looks good--I also had to remind myself to fill the space. But I think it comes more naturally as you get going. : )