Friday, March 30, 2012

March Free Motion Quilting Challenge

Is time flying by for everyone or is it just me. I had plenty of time to do this, then no time. 

March's challenge was from Ann Fahl, who really has a style I like. If you check out her work she has a lot of gorgeous quilts showing that style.

Her challenge pretty much gave a few examples and set us free to explore other options from stippling. I liked what she had to say and although I followed the examples she gave, I can see myself trying other shapes and just making it my own.

Not great, but I didn't practice, just jumped in. I love the little loop de loops, they are fun to do and add such a nice touch of whimsy. I went ahead and threw in the daisies, hearts and leaves just to see what I liked and the daisies won. 

Although I'm having trouble finding time to practice these, I am going back and working on them. I just finished a quilt where I used the vines and leaves from January in the sashing, it looks awesome. (Yeah, I know, where's the pictures? I'm working on it.)

Thanks for stopping by,


  1. Looking forward to the pics of your finished quilt with the vines. :o) Your FMQ practice looks great. Love the little flowers.

  2. Good job Dana.


  3. Yea! Love your free wheeling style of anything goes here. It looks great.