Saturday, March 31, 2012

Foto Finish - Flowers

The optional theme for this weeks Foto Finish at Cat Patches is flowers.

The hardest part of this one is deciding which flowers to post. Out of one window, I have beautiful bougainvillea

On two sides of the house I have hibiscus

And then there are the ever present impatiens

But the clear winner is this guy who decided to bloom just in time for this Foto Finish

I love my orchids. I lost a lot of them in a freeze two years ago, so the survivors are really special to me.

Don't be jealous, we will be in the high 80's next week, the mosquito plane is already flying and I had a centipede crawl across my toes, sure signs that summer is going to be long and hot. 

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  1. absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! stunning actually! your photgraphy is amazing, you want to come to AZ and take a few pictures for me?!!
    I hear ya on the centipedes, I have already found a few scorpians, yuck!

  2. Your orchids are luscious! I had several when we lived in Tampa, but they did not travel well to SC. Do miss them. Great photos.

  3. Beautiful photos, I can see why it would be hard to choose. The orchids are beautiful.

  4. They're all very pretty, but I love the orchids. There's so much detail and the color is great.

  5. Oh lovely flowers, I'm especially found of Orchids as well. We've been enjoying temps around 75 lately and I've found that's just perfect. Windows open, a nice breeze. I was able to turn off my a/c to enjoy this.