Sunday, November 29, 2015

Let's Book It Nov. 2015

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving week, with the cleaning, cooking, eating and company it's a crazy and fun week. 
I did my Black Friday bargain battles online and got the big stuff done, yay!

In case you haven't heard, Sharon has decided to keep Let's Book It going into 2016, December is off (thank goodness) but it starts up again after the new year. Thank you Sharon! You all know I love this idea. I've been using Let's Book It to clean out magazines and I try to use scraps or fabric that I've held on to way too long, this month was perfect for that. 

Love of Quilting May/June 2009
Sorry about the glare the assistants were helping about a foot away, so it was drop the magazine and shoot quickly.
The magazine in just out of the shot here. Thanks for the help you two. 
As soon as I saw this I fell in love, it's really all about the fabric and I had the perfect ones stashed just waiting for a water scene.

I've had that orange and blue forever, the blue border was left from a quilt I had just finished, mixed with a few other batiks it came out really pretty.

The sand dollars and starfish add more interest, but I think it would have been just as pretty without. Each color was quilted differently, matchstick in the sky, ripples in the water. I was gifted with a beautiful stencil of leaping dolphins a while ago and used it on the top and bottom of the blue border, I just couldn't get it to show up in the pictures. 

Think about joining us for this easy, fun linky party, I know some of you have made Christmas gifts or quilts from patterns, books, or magazines, that's all you need, how simple is that? If you can't get it done this month, well then I hope to see you joining in next year.

Later Gators, (did you see that the Noles won big over the gators? Go Noles!)


  1. Oh, you kept this one a secret! It is a beautiful blend of fabrics saved and scraps used up - made for a great wallhanging. I laughed at the magazine because I noticed right away - "pieced borders" - on the cover.

  2. lol...I am laughing at Sharon's comment. don't we all have a love/hate relationship with borders? This one just jumps up, shouts, waves, and says here I am sailing away to Key Largo!!!! Very neat is not for Gators up here, but for Tigers. But I do remember the days of rooting for the Gators and Spurrier was the quarterback. I am showing my age, huh? Great finish for the month.

  3. Pretty quilt! I thought of Sharon when I saw 'pieced borders' on the cover. Not sure she'd like this magazine.

  4. Wow...gorgeous, Dana. Perfect for your part of the country too.

  5. Oh my Dana - you really captured a glorious ocean scene with this quilt! I love the combination of fabrics you used - all that color is fantastic!
    That is good news about Let's Book It. I'm going to try to sew more from books and magazines and will try to join Sharon's party. Just pre-washed the fabrics for a Christmas present, so hopefully i will be able to play along in January.

  6. such a pretty sunset. Love how this looks!

  7. Oh! I'm glad I scrolled back to see what I might have missed recently. :D This is wonderful! The colors in it are fantastic, and I love that you pulled much of it from leftovers like the blue border. Terrific quilting on it, too.