Friday, October 9, 2015

So this happened

Since my father passed, my sister and I share good things that happen to us with the opening "Daddy was here". It's just sharing nice little things that happen, for me it can be a rescue that found a home, for her it can be the otter's were playing in her lake, things that make us smile. She called me and started out with "daddy's here with me" then told me this:

She had lunch with friends and was walking to her car when she saw a police officer run up to the front of her car pointing his gun, she started hurrying towards him yelling "don't shoot my car" when she heard something behind her, lots more police all calling her towards them and all she can say is "don't shoot my car it's only 4 months old". Lol.

 They dragged a woman from under her car holding a huge knife, she had hidden under another car in a nearby shopping center, stabbed the woman who owned the car and tried to steal it, when that didn't work she ran and hid under my sister's car, luckily someone saw her. Another couple of minutes and she would have stabbed my sister, no smiles this time, lots of WHAT!s but yes, daddy's with her.

My sister talks to my father whenever she watches a sunset, which triggered a memory for me of a quilt I made in EQ, playing with measurements and colors I never really planned on making it, but I couldn't stop thinking about it so here it is, I talked to my dad the whole time I made it, pretty much thanking him for being there that day. 

Centers are slightly off to keep thickness down, plus I like it this way.

 Gorgeous colors, although they are more sunrise than sunset

Hand dyed back for an airy sky look and lots of straight line quilting for a great texture and look. The quilting took a whole lot more time than making the quilt. 

I'm linking up with #Creative Goodness Linky party over at QuiltShopGal.  

Thanks Daddy,


  1. Your Daddy was your sister's Angel - so happy things turned out for the good. Your quilt is a wonderful tribute to your talk time with him.

  2. What a story! So glad someone called the heros to protect that new car! lol, I mean your sister. This is like a bad dream, only with a happy ending. I am glad your Dad is watching otu for you two.
    I love the fractured look! No excuses, it just works so well. What a wonder way to remember your Dad....I love it. My Dad leaves me pennies everywhere. It always makes me smile.

  3. Beautiful quilt, and what a story! Yes, our daddies are always with us, even when they''ve departed this earthly realm nearly 40 years ago, as mine did. Still miss him and occasionally hear his voice in that nether world between sleep and awake.

  4. Wow. I'm sure your Dad is with you both. So happy your sister is ok. Nice to have someone watching over you both. Your quilt is so cheerful. Total #CreativeGoodness. And, such positive inspiration. Thanks for sharing.


  5. What a wonderful way to remember your dad. The quilt is beautiful, as always.

  6. Great story. I know that those that have passed watch over us letting us know in small ways they are near. You just have to believe and watch. Love your off center quilt. It's perfect.
    xx, Carol

  7. This one is so interesting, Dana! Much more so with the off-center meeting than if they were all straight in. And I'm so glad your sister is OK! I can't imagine that happening with me. I'd probably be begging them not to shoot my car, too! lol

  8. Oh my gosh! Dana that is amazing, to say the very least! Thank God that woman did not harm your sister and that the police caught her. "Don't shoot my car." LOL
    I love that you and your sister share how you feel the presence of your Daddy's love. You made me tear up just thinking about it. He was surely the guardian angel for your sister that day. Your sunrise quilt is so beautiful Dana! The colors and fabrics make it look ethereal. What a wonderful way to express gratitude and commemorate your father's love!

  9. Glad your sister is safe. I like that quilt.

  10. Its really a happy quilt and celebrates those wonderful feelings - thankfully your sister and her car are safe and sound!