Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Let's Book It July 2015

Yay it's time for Let's Book It, I knew that Sharon's linky would make me climb back up on the blogging horse. Except I kind of messed up, I haven't been sewing a lot so I just grabbed the first magazine in the pile

The Quilter Magazine Dec 2010 - Jan 2011

I started on the marked page

Following the directions I came to a weird step and it hit me, deja poo, I've done this stuff before! I made this quilt in January but this time I made it in the "boys" colors or Mardi Gras colors for babies that like Bourbon Street. 

 I'm happy with it and it got me sewing again.

Last time I wrote I told you my machine had eaten fabric and stopped. David and I did take it apart and change the fuse, not for the faint of heart, we had to take every cover off and pull the mother board, but it's working again. That had me looking at Juki's something without a mother board and not so touchy. I was talking used and David kept talking warranties, what is it with men and warranties and maps? Anyway the next day he handed me a receipt for a brand new Juki TL2010q (with warranty) and two days later this arrived.

I especially like how he frames the junk piled on the chair behind him, should have straightened up first :)

My new friend, kind of, we've been getting to know each other, he has a tendency to shred thread, I've ordered different brands to see what he likes. He free motions like a dream though, the back and front stitches are identical, so beautiful. His 1/4" foot is terrible if you want to make string quilts, it's so forceful it just twists the fabric, I ordered a Janome foot that fits him so problem solved there and my Janome has a much better walking foot, so I'll be jumping back and forth between the two. All in all I'll be in love if he'll just stop with the shredding thread. 

That's it, please check out "Let's Book It" over at Vrooman's Quilts, still my favorite linky.  

Later Gators,


  1. Deja Poo - love it!!! That's ok to re-visist and it got you into a groove. The 2010 is a speedster and not something I would be comfortable with for tiny piece work. But I hear it is super as a quilter.

  2. WOW!!! What a sweetie David is!!!!!!!!!! I love your new friend!!! so glad you see you getting to know each other!!!!!!!! enjoy!!!

  3. Congrats on the thread chewing helper! Let me check my bag of tricks for your challenge here. Yep...thread chewing is listed....possible causes can be poor quality thread, tension to tight, sewing too fast, or wrong size needle, or sewing on tightly woven name a few! It is probably a combination of things. I usually only have the problem on batiks or hand I use a larger needle like a 14 or 16. Or thread....certain brands just will not work on my machine.....that is why I am only buying Aurifil now a days. And maybe he just needs a few miles put on him to get his taste buds settled.

  4. Have fun with your new machine. Maybe a different size needle will help.

  5. "For babies that like Bourbon Street" - ROFL! :D What an awesome man to get you a machine. I really miss having a dedicated piecing machine, but my cheap-o work horse bit the dust. Not worth repairing, so I'm back to my older days of having just the one machine to set up differently for either piecing or free-motion work. Waaa - waaaa. ;D At least I have a machine and plenty of great projects to work on!

  6. Oh Congratulations on the new addition!!! Like Cheryl mentioned... I was going to suggest a different size needle, too. Have fun getting acquainted!

  7. Hahahaha... "Deja Poo". Love the quilt done up like this Dana! Glad you got back to a little blogging and quilting again!
    Hope you figured out how to keep your new Juki happily stitching along.