Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Let's Book It Dec. 2014

The final Let's Book It for 2014 is in full swing over at Vroomans Quilts blog. Sharon's genius idea is to pick a pattern you already have, make a quilt that you wanted to make, in any colors you want then link up, what's not to love. It's had me digging through the stacks of magazines that I bought when I first started quilting. Getting rid of old magazines makes more room for fabric, again, what's not to love. 

I started here
I can't resist Star Quilts

I picked this one

After pulling the lime and white I pulled a dark teal that was a mistake when I was dying fabric, then I took a sharp turn and ended up here
Nothing like the pattern, even looking at patterns as suggestions, this one went way off course and it backfired, when I looked at the pattern again I think those sun looking blocks would look great in yellows and oranges, while the smaller stars can be all different colors, so I'm not donating this magazine yet. :)

I'm so happy to say, Let's Book It is continuing into 2015, so if you haven't jumped in yet there's still time, really I know you have books, magazines, or patterns that you bought to make something, so blow off the dust and get started.

Later Gators,


  1. We don't have to follow patterns to exact detail - sometimes just for an inspirational starting point. I can see a number of different blocks substituted for that 'flower' one - and as the tip at the bottom of the page - scrappy and fussy cutting - will give even a different look too. Thank you for linking up.

  2. It's beautiful! I love those colors. I'm a sucker for star quilts, too : )

  3. Love the teal you added to the lime, which is not a color I use. So I much prefer your version! This one turned out great I think.

  4. Dana, it didn't backfire. LOL, it took off like jet fuel! Your off course quilt turned out great!

  5. Well, it may not be what you started out to do, but I LOVE it. I'm thinking it's the colors of the Carribbean...okay the Gulf, but I always think of Florida as being part of the Carribbean. Anyway...great job. It's beautiful, as always.

  6. Ah ha! I saw this on your NewFo post but now I know its origins! I loved it as a Lemoyne quilt because I have Deb Tucker's ruler and love to use it. This worked out just perfect if you ask me and a good example of quilting serendipity at its best!

  7. I like your 'mistake'. I'll take it, if you don't want it. Great colors. Who cares if it didn't look like the pattern.