Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ideas? Help!

I was asked to make a baby quilt for a new arrival coming in October using parts of the father's baby quilt which is much loved and falling apart. I just love this idea so I asked for pictures of the quilt figuring I can use at least pieces of it. 

Here are the pictures:

My first thought was OMG impossible, it's a log cabin with stitch in the ditch so pieces would be tiny. BUT then I found myself thinking about the love sewn into that quilt and I'd like to salvage what I can. 

Here's some of the thoughts I'm having: 
Would the fusible cotton interfacing I used on the t-shirt quilt strengthen the fabric enough that it could survive a baby and the repeated washing's. 

The baby quilt doesn't have to be a log cabin, so maybe razor cut the usable fabric out and make something completely different? 

Some of the blocks look in decent shape, could I cut them out batting and all, then incorporate them into a new quilt, removing the old batting and again maybe use the interfacing?

Could I applique new log cabin blocks, or pieces of them, onto this one, leaving usable sections open, then do batting and backing enclosing the old quilt? 

I'd love to do this, but my mind is all over the place, so please help! Any ideas you have would be much appreciated, you guys always have such good ideas :)



  1. Those three red centers look in good shape. At the least I'd use those as slightly smaller squares. I'd only use small pieces of the quilt instead of large ones due to the wear that the quilt will receive. Best of luck! ~Jeanne

  2. Don't think I would attempt to combine the fabrics from this one with new fabrics in any way....they would end up shattering soon I think. But....salvage the portions that are in tack and make simple teddy bear, fish, or etc. Then make a new log cabin quilt. Add a couple of "pocket blocks" in the array to hold the small animals from the original quilt. Just my 2 cents worth ;-)

  3. I'm with Debbie on this one. Either a 'cutter' toy or even take one of the blocks into a wall hanging (or framed) as a momento and then make a new.

  4. You could cut out the three blocks that look the slightest bit viable and applique them to the back of the completely new baby quilt?

  5. If the owner understands the quilt is in bad shape and cannot be mixed with new fabric perhaps making a small toy or framing part of it for the nursery would work. I would not attempt to use it any other way. Good luck.

  6. Wow, what a difficult dilemma. Sorry, nothing is coming at the moment. Good luck.

  7. OMG! The twin are adorable and I love your quilts! Great Job!