Saturday, June 28, 2014

Let's Book It for June

It's time again for the "Let's Book It" link up, Sharon at Vroomans Quilts idea to give us a gentle push to make quilts we already wanted to make, genius right? 

The T-Shirt quilt I made took up a big part of June, but I managed to make this adorable quilt.

They're not elephants, but who doesn't like a nice bright duck?
I really liked the twisty lines around him, it looks like the kind of plumbing I might do. That part was easy, but a "pay attention" type which holds my interest. 

I used this Just Ducky pattern by Bonnie Johnson and Loretta Shriner. I just happened to have the duck die for my GO! cutter so that part was quick and easy.
I left off the large border because...well I just wanted to.

I found the pattern here, McCall's Quick Quilts Oct/Nov 2011 and another magazine is out of here. Yes! I'll be blowing the dust off of another one getting ready for July.

If you aren't already linking up to "Let's Book It" you should be, we all have those books, magazines, patterns, whatever, that we collect to make something from. Pick a pattern, make the quilt and link up. So easy. I wonder if getting rid of an old magazine counts for house cleaning this month?

Later Gators,


  1. It is exciting getting rid of one more thing. After moving, I've been sewing like crazy, thinking that surely the volume of stuff will decrease. Wishful thinking? Are quilt tops less volume than folded fabrics?

  2. This is so cute! Love the layout and little duckies - how sweet. Thank you for linking up.

  3. One thing for are not designing my plumbing! Great job on this ducky wonderful quilt!

  4. Your quilt is "just ducky"! (sorry, I couldn't resist!) How cool you add the perfect die for it.

    Is this going to a special little someone?

  5. Oh what a sweet quilt. Those ducks are adorable.

  6. this quilt is soooo cute!!!! looks hard to me, but you know me and my abilities! loving the ducks!