Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New FO for April

2014 NewFO Challenge

Thank goodness it's time for Aprils New Fo's at Cat Patches. I'm so glad to say a not so fond goodbye to April. My catch word for the past few weeks has to be distracted and I'm ready to get my mojo back, it's gone completely missing.

My fairly new computer started making the click of death (thanks for a quality product DELL) and after spending almost a week in the shop it was returned with nothing on it. I back-up, but lost every quilt design I've made in EQ, I backed up the wrong folder :(

When I got back up and running imagine my surprise to find my spam folder on AOL full of Daemon Mailer with almost every comment I had left on blogs, I had wondered why people weren't answering me. Turns out all of AOL was hacked and so much spam was pouring out that every server except gmail was rejecting it, including AOL. So, I want you to know, I've been reading and commenting you just haven't seen them. I've switched over to my gmail account so I'm hoping it's fixed.

What have I been sewing? Not much, this is just a top I made to use up the frog fabric that's been here way to long.

This was going to be the back, but so much work and too big (distracted) I decided to turn it into a top and threw it into the pile. 
I never have a pile, but do now.

I made a bunch of these blocks in different colors, then changed direction and now they're in the pile.

I did finish one quilt, my Let's Book It project
This one definitely makes me smile.

A flurry of phone calls last night and this morning has April ending on a high note, my beautiful daughter is on her way to the Keys with a Red Alert rescue (red alert means the dog's time is up). Oreo wasn't given any time because he is sick with, we think, mange. Hopefully I'll have freedom ride pictures. Suddenly April doesn't look so bad :)

Have you made anything this month? just started something? why not join us over at Cat Patches for the linky party? Lots of nice people and a fun hostess, I hope to see you there.

Later gators,


  1. And here I thought you were just ignoring us and playing in the sunshine. Sorry for your hassle time and lost files....I would be banging my head against the wall and screaming. If I find the mojo up here, I will send it on its way back to you. Hoping things improve.

  2. April was a bad month for many - sickness, disasters, a winter that would never end, and computer woes of all kinds. Hoping May is better.

  3. You've accomplished a lot for one who couldn't find her quilting mojo! I always love your colorful, sun-shiny quilts.

  4. I didn't get that much done in April, either. I was distracted, too, and just didn't want to stitch much. I've not gotten some comments from my blog in my email folder. I just noticed it with my last post. Maybe they are on AOL, too. I'd heard that there have been problems for the past few weeks. Enjoy May.

  5. I love the bright, exciting colors in your quilts!

  6. Sorry about the computer probs - I hate it when I don't back up the right stuff, it's such a pain.

    Love all the bright colors in your works - right up my alley! Hope May is happier all the way thru' for you!

  7. I too, now have a pile. Lol I can see why your latest quilt makes you smile! Hackers suck. Too bad they dont put their smarts to better, mor helpful and productive use! Freedom ride pics are awesome! Hooray for Oreo and your daughter for volunteering!

  8. Coming back to "drool" over your beautiful quilt. Absolutely gorgeous.

    BTW - This is a direct view your blog and comment.