Friday, November 1, 2013

New FO for October


Time again to show off what we've done for the past month, I really thought I hadn't done anything, but it was a month of repeats, so nothing original must equal nothing done in my mind. I surprised myself when I went back to my pictures. I love surprises :)

First, I want to show the camo baby quilt that I only had pieces of last month.
The hunter's camo really worked for this one, I like the splashes of color, the green was an accident that I bought online, not the color I wanted, but surprise, it perfectly matched the camo. 

This quilt is a repeat, when I first starting quilting I followed a pattern to make this quilt, there was so much waste that I swore off patterns, but I really liked the quilt. I changed it and made it my way. 

Then I was asked to do it again, bigger and different colors.

Then I was asked to remake a baby quilt, but in boy colors.

And then, since I wanted to enter my elephant string in the Blogger's Quilt Festival, I made this guy so I could show the process.
Just like with the elephant, I kept the quilting simple, he has bubbles coming up from his nose and sea grass all around the bottom half of him, I just couldn't get a good picture.

I'm really trying to get some holiday things made, but I still have two more requested quilts to make. Oh well, May's a nice month for holiday sewing.

I hope you'll jump over to Cat Patches and join in the FO linky party. While you're there please show Barbara some love, her husband is in the hospital and it's been a pretty stressful time for all of them.

Later gators, but GO 'NOLES!


  1. Th Hunter's Star in that leaf/forest print is just stunning! Lovely projects for a busy month.

  2. I really like your little seahorse! I grew up in southern Florida and my mother worked at a shell factory. I used to go to work with her during the summer. Every time I see a seahorse, I think of those times!

  3. You had a really terrific month. I particularly LOVE the camo baby quilt and the remake of the one in the fantastic brights.

  4. No wonder you have been quiet.....that is a lot of stars! They all look good, no make that great! This set of photos really show how the colorway and fabric can change a patterns looks.
    The seahorse is a real cutie, love the attitude he has.

  5. You got a lot done, and every single project is beautiful!!

  6. The camo baby quilt is striking! Lovely! Your seahorse is great, too. Now to find the time to see about making myself a cute animal (still going with the elephant style, so far).

  7. Your quilts are all gorgeous! I especially like the camp baby quilt. ~Jeanne