Sunday, February 3, 2013


I finished the pillow sham and I'm pretty pleased with it. My seam ripper had a heck of a workout though. If I could mess it up, I did. I sewed a stray strip to it, I put the back on the front, I made the back the wrong side and had to make it again, LOL, but it's done!

And the usual help from my assistant, who seemed to think it shouldn't be laying so flat.

What would I do without them? LOL

Later gators,


  1. This pillow looks fantastic.
    And I love what your dog is doing ;-)

    Greetings from Germany,

  2. But you stayed with it! Wonderful pillow and yes, where would we be without our helpers.

  3. It's so pretty! Great job. :D Man, I was using my ripper a lot this morning, too. ;D

  4. Repeat after me, the seam ripper is my friend, the seam ripper ...!
    Looks wonderful, and your little friend thinks so too! My other mantra - the lint roller is my friend, etc. etc.! Have a great day Dana!

  5. Yea! It turned out great. without your honesty we would never know you had a problem at all. It will look so good with the quilt. Super job.

  6. oh Dana! that is just beautiful! you should be so proud of yourself and reward yourself after all that!

    ha ha on your helpers...mine are the exact same way!

  7. Hey! Did you see you won grand prize in the FMQ Challenge at SewCalGal? You're rich!

  8. I love how bright and cheerful this is! Hopefully the memories of the horrors of construction will fade and you can just enjoy it's loveliness:-)