Thursday, July 26, 2012

July's FMQ Challenge

This month's FMQ Challenge over at SewCalGals is from Angela Walters and can I just say, I loved this one? While I was playing with it, I kept seeing quilts I've made that this would have been perfect for, so Thank You Angela, with a little work, this will be showing up on my quilts. I've found that I really like making small areas and filling them in, maybe it just feels more manageable, or maybe I'm just a cozy person :)

When I started out, my bobbin thread was showing, so stop and adjust and in one spot I just swirled right over my line and didn't even notice until I was doing the double line, oh well, I really like the look, although it's better in person. Bottom line, it was fun, I enjoyed doing it and I think we have a future together.

Thanks so much to Angela Walters and SewCalGal.



  1. Dana! your quilting is amazing!!! good job!!!

  2. Great, great job!! I am so glad that you liked the tutorial. I can't wait to see what you do on future quilts!

  3. You are really getting it. Great piece!