Saturday, July 28, 2012

Foto Finish - Yellow

The optional theme for Foto Finish over at Cat Patches this week is yellow and this scary guy fits that theme nicely.

I'm pretty sure this is an eyelash viper, you can see the "eyelashes" on his one eye. I took this picture at Zoo Miami on our annual family visit. The reptile house is one of favorite haunts, sometimes it's so hard to find what's hidden behind the glass, not this guy, although the one curled up next to him is much scarier, you wouldn't see him coming.

I hope you'll slither (sorry I couldn't resist) over to Cat Patches and check out the other beautiful yellow pictures. 

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  1. That is some kind of yellow!! Really amazing!
    Thanks for dropping by and visiting.

  2. Wow! Incredible color! Is this his natural coloring? Or is he some kind of albino? It doesn't seem as if there would be much advantage to being this color, depending on the "neighborhood" where he hangs out in the wild.

  3. And they think I am a tease......don't you know I hate snakes, just like Indiana Jones! Great shot, actually amazing, and very unusual subject.

  4. He must be really, really fast when hunting because there is no missiing that guy! Beautiful shot though. It's hard to get good shots at the zoo, I guess many of the animals are just camera shy.