Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Favor Please and a Question

Yesterday March 21 was World Down Syndrome Day, so this seems like the right time to ask a favor. My cousin is the director of MARC, Monroe Assoc. for Remarkable Citizens here in the Keys. They run two group homes, teach life skills, vocational skills and are pretty much amazing. A local bank is having a vote for your favorite charity fundraiser, could you take two seconds to vote for them? Three clicks is all it takes and they don't ask for any of your info. 

at the bottom of the page is #3 Vote for your favorite charity
Click that, vote for MARC then hit vote, that's it. 
Thank you so much, they do so much good and with the economy and budget cuts it's been a constant struggle, every cent counts.
Here's a link to their web page if you're interested:

Now the questions, I've been asked to make a T-shirt quilt, does anyone have tips for me? What kind of stabilizer is the best for them? I'm a little worried that the picture on the shirt may melt when ironed, so is there a light, low heat stabilizer I should find? And last, what's the best way to quilt it? I was thinking just stitch in the ditch, but the shirts may be big and will that work? So basically, HELP.
Thanks again.

The pictures are just because....there must be pictures :)
These are scrap quilts I've been working on trying to use up the ever growing pile of strings.

Thank you,


  1. Did that for you - being a small community so damaged and hurting from Irene and cuts, completely relate. I love all of your string quilts - how bright and fun.

  2. Voted....hope it helps!
    Love all the strings and pieces quilts. You are always so bright and cheerful in your selections.
    No idea about the t-shirts...never did one, but have tons of tees to work with. I think you will need more than stitch in the ditch to hold in place. Probably a stipple would be best or lots of straight lines. From what I have read a Pellon light weight fusible works well, and use a pressing cloth to cover the printed tees and use lots of steam. Keep us updated to what works for you.

  3. Love all of the colorful scraps! :) They are turning into gorgeous quilts. Voted! xo

  4. 1st, I voted, 2nd love those scrap quilts, 3rd, I also have to make a t-shirt quilt. Any info you get would be appreciated, if you'd share it.

  5. I have made one t-shirt quilt but a friend have made many. She suggested a feather weight fusible interfacing and press from the back with a piece of blank t-shirt facing the design. Good luck with it.

  6. I voted. I have never made a t-shirt quilt, so I can't help you there. Love your quilts, especially the last one.