Friday, August 31, 2012

FMQ Challenge for August

The Free-Motion Quilting Challenge for August is from Wendy Sheppard. I think this is a beautiful flowing designs, but it's going to take a lot of practice on my part.

I had a hard time just trying to draw it and my attempts at sewing were dismal. I have way too many open spaces, I sewed myself into places I couldn't get out of and just generally made a mess of it. So in a last ditch effort to at least have something I tried drawing it out on the quilt piece and sewing that way. Still a fail.

No laughing! Oh go ahead, I am.

I used a disappearing ink marker, but the ink won't disappear so it looks even worse. 
In my defense August was a weird month, my birthday, a hurricane, a broken toe and lastly a broken down car far from home. 
Come on September. 

I do want to thank Wendy and SewCalGal for their efforts. This really is a beautiful design, worth going back and learning once I'm a little more relaxed. Seeing it on Wendy's quilts is inspiring. 



  1. Oh sweetie - lots of hugs - yes, bring on September. Hope your toe heals fast - careful with those horses - oops, dogs!

  2. it was a challenge to say the least...oh well that is over and i will just use a different motif...that is what i thought

  3. Giggle, giggle....didn't I teach you how to practice with a pencil first...even to trace over her design? Actually, it is not as bad as you think, as I see several spots where you got it looking good. That's why this is our year long challenge...hate some, love others, and manage to improve. Hope you begin Sept feeling better, and with no rain and a car that runs. (hugs)

  4. I really like it! But hen again I have given up trying myself!

  5. "sewed myself into places i couldn't get myself out of..." hilarious!