Monday, August 27, 2012

Don't Let The Door Hit You In The Butt

Isaac is gone, we are still under Tropical Storm Warnings because the wind is still strong, but I see blue skies in the distance and everything here is washed clean. The terrible twins and I went out back to see the damage.

In the tradition of good tropical storm reporting here's a palm tree.

Palm fronds move if a bird flies by, so we saw hundreds of them as the media looked for something to report on.

These are the steps from my porch, look at the upper middle of this picture. Yes, David left a beer can on the table and it blew off. 

The pool is now a pond or a swamp

Maya found a stick, she'll love that thing, carry it everywhere and try to bring it in the house, sometimes if Brady helps they actually manage to bring something like that in. That's a sight to see, the two of them trotting through the house with a branch, one on either end.

I'm pretty sure I have a broken toe, it's swollen and red and there's no wiggle, plus the nail is half ripped off. I would like to claim it as storm damage, but I'm also pretty sure it's because of this guy.
Brady Bug never learned to play with people, that can be a problem with rescues. He loves to play and I'm dedicated to teaching him. He's big and strong with huge feet that he comes flying at you with. Our play usually ends with me running away yelling stop, please stop while laughing so hard I'm weak. 
David, curled up with a book through the storm read the perfect description of Bug "jubilantly chaotic", that's my Bug.

This guy tried to climb up my foot while I stood there taking pictures. 

So that's it, everything is fine here. These two and I will be cleaning up the mess and probably doing more playing than anything, then tell David how hard we worked :)

See ya later gator


  1. So glad you 'weathered' the storm with just some minor clean-up. Now to keep the fingers and toes crossed for those on the rest of the path.

  2. Oh, no...toe damage! And you want me to believe you got this playing with Brady. Did he dig you a hole to step in? lol
    Glad there was no wallop in this storm. Still hate the debris mess that comes with the winds.

  3. Gack! Is that a leech? I wouldn't do well with leeches. The sight of that one makes me queasy. What a mess. Glad you came through it okay. Sorry about your poor toe.

  4. Oh your poor toe! That's terrible. All in all it looks "not to bad". Besides it will be nice to have DH fawn over your efforts when your through, he does that right? If not perhaps your attentions in teaching Brady to play might be better served for training elsewhere... Hehe

  5. Oh no, your poor toe. Bad enough to have a break, but also a nail torn. Double ouch!

    Definitely looks like you'll be busy cleaning up today. Maybe even a couple of days. But glad to see no serious damage.

    Very cute news report. Watch out, channel 10 is looking to hire people in your area.


  6. OUCH on your toe Dana!
    your dogs are just like mine, sometimes at least 2-3 of them are carrying the same stick at the same time :)
    glad the storm is on it's way out, yucky mess but so happy you guys are okay!!!

  7. Just catching up on blogs so sorry this is late. So glad that there was not much damage, except for leaves & stuff everywhere. Your dogs are the best. Love their antics.