Monday, December 1, 2014

New FO for November

2014 NewFO Challenge

Seat belts on, it's Dec. 1 and we're all in that downward slide towards the end of the year. I know we all say "what happened to Nov.", but December only lasts about two weeks or feels like it, lets be safe out there. 

The end of the month means it's time for the New FO linky party over at Cat Patches, a chance to show off what we did for the month. 

Remember the train Christmas tree skirt I showed you last month? I had such a good time with that one I made another using Designs by Juju's North Pole Village designs.
Each one of those little buildings takes over an hour to sew and the first rule of machine embroidery is never walk away, if you do machine embroidery you know what I'm talking about.

So while the Princess (embroidery machine) sewed I put together a couple of quick and easy quilts.
If I made this one again I would add a thin wavy blue applique under the boat.

This one is sweet and simple and uses some of my favorite beautiful fabric that I would normally hoard. 

This one is my "Let's Book It" project for November, I made it before the tree skirt, otherwise I would never have gotten it done.

If you have been considering joining the New FO linky party do it now, Barbara has announced that it is ending in December so you have two more chances to join in the fun.  

For those of you who know that I'm Batman, I have very little to report, we came across a cable wire down that stretched across the entire street, so we saved some poor soul from wondering why he had no T.V, although I did have fun running and jumping over it, then telling my friend it was electrical and she needed to do the same. I couldn't get my phone out fast enough to catch a picture, her husband would have paid big bucks for that. 

And we've had a lot of reports of a nine foot crocodile on our walking route, he's been spotted by quite a few people, but mostly at night sleeping in the road, he must be cold, poor thing. Please remember our crocodiles are the sweet and cuddly ones, protected and more afraid of us or so we're told. The running and jumping will come in handy if we spot him, so I was really just training my friend. She's already lectured me on not stopping and making friends with it like I do with all of the dogs and cats. No worries, I don't believe the sweet and cuddly part. 

Later Gators (or crocs)


  1. Sweet project with lots of color - your November was bright. I don't think I would cuddle a gator or croc.

  2. What sweet projects. All are beautiful, but I'm quite impressed with that train Christmas tree skirt. An hour for each stitch out????? Wow. But it is worth it. Absolutely gorgeous.

    Sorry to hear the FO events are going to stop. I've sure enjoyed seeing what everyone shares, even if I haven't had time to participate.


  3. lol...giggle, grin, giggle. I am so glad I am not your walking/skipping/jumping friend! How awful to take those scary I only like the gators and crocs that are stuffed animals....or in photos. I don't know if I could run fast enough.
    I really love the tree is so fabulous. The boat....sailing away to Key Largo, I presume???? It is great!

  4. I love the sailing boat and the Hearts quilt. Well done on getting so much done.
    Cath @Bits 'n Bobs

  5. All beautiful quilts. Your tree skirt is absolutely adorable, and having done machine embroidery, I do know what happens if you walk away!

  6. You've been busy. Stay AWAY from that croc.

  7. Dana, aka Batman, you are so very funny! Yes, please don't make friends with any cuddly crocs. 9 feet! Jeepers!
    Love all the quilty goodness you have been creating! Isn't funny how we want to hoard the fabric we love and then when we finally make a quilt with them, how glad we are we did so?

  8. That's a serious crocodile. :) I'm so in love with your Book It project! THat's one that has been on my wanna-do list for a long time. The Christmas Village tree skirt is FABULOUS. :D