Thursday, May 22, 2014

Heads Up

A few days ago, a friend of mine let me know that when she posted comments to my blog she received a "Delivery Status Failure" notice. I had switched over to my gmail account, so I don't know what was happening there, but I went to my comments list and there were comments I hadn't seen, they never came to my mailbox. This morning that is still going on, three comments left this morning, I received two of them. 

The same friend sent me a link to the blogger's forum where another blogger is experiencing the same problem. Another link sent me to a blog that was saying she can't leave comments on blogger.

You may want to look through your comments list to see if you're not receiving any comments. Meanwhile, I'm looking for a new email place, gmail looks ugly and messy to me, if you have any suggestions please let me know.

Because there must be pictures :)

Thanks Dana


  1. The problem is with servers making an update to prevent the Heartbleed Virus and it really messed up e-mails. I have the same problem with yahoo and I have not heard back from them on any work around. I am trying to catch missed comments, but if I can't respond anyway because of the virus fix - hard to reply. I do watch if comments bounce and copy/paste into a 'Post Comment' personal e-mail.

  2. Hope this gets resolved. I have a gmail act and blogger and no issues (hope it stays that way).

  3. I just went and checked my last few posts. Some comments are still not coming to my inbox. There is no consistency at all. I have comcast email.

  4. Yes, pictures are a requirement, especially cute ones like that. I had the same experience with some email a friend sent. Mike is on yahoo, and he's good with that. I'm sticking with gmail for now, but I'm heading to check my comments right now.

  5. I have the same issue with my email and I use aol

  6. I don't have a blog but follow quite a few quilt blogs by e-mail. All of the e-mails from quilt bloggers I was following stopped. I've assumed all this time it is on my end and it probably is. But just in case I'm putting this out there. If you've ever experienced a sudden drop in visitors maybe it's because they aren't getting e-mail notifications and don't know you are posting new content?

  7. Interesting comments, particularly from Vroomans Quilts about the Heartbleed Virus.

    Your gecko quilt is so cute.